A look inside Boing Boing’s stats

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Boing Boing is a very popular blog with a very big following, which makes sense because they’re also very good at what they do (which like most “authority” blogs is reword someone else’s story and publish it with your ads around it), but they do it well indeed.

BoingBoing keep their traffic stats publicly accessible at http://www.boingboing.net/stats/ which makes for an interesting read.

A few generally interesting details

  • They get around 2.5 million visitors a month
  • Their RSS feeds account for over half of their traffic
  • Nearly 80% of their visitors stick around for less than 30 seconds.
  • Around 20% of their traffic comes from Digg
  • Yahoo’s search engine spider has already hit their site nearly 400,000 times this month, approximately 4x more than Google.

Fun times with Fetishes

The real fun comes when you look at how people are finding Boing Boing.  Some of the search phrases are …. interesting.   Here’s a selection of some of the weirder fetishes search engines think Boing Boing will satisfy:

  • goatse
  • horse fucking
  • sex
  • porn
  • lesbian kissing
  • celebrity sex
  • free porn
  • indian teen sex
  • disney porn
  • warcraft porn
  • space porn
  • world of warcraft nude
  • nerd porn
  • lego sex
  • tentacle porn
  • superhero porn
  • eat shit
  • incest
  • monster dildo
  • persian porn
  • and more….

Interesting stuff.  Well slightly interesting.  It’s Sunday night.


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